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Bail-Ins Coming – EU Gives 11 Countries 2 Months To Adopt Rules

This bail-in legislation which is being driven by the BIS through the Bank of England, ECB, Federal Reserve and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) appears designed to protect banks by allowing them to confiscate deposits to prop them up rather than the noble stated objective – “to shield taxpayers”.

We're Relying on Phantom Wealth to Fund Our Retirement

That Social Security, Medicare & pension funds invested in stocks & bonds can fund the retirement of 65 million people is a misleading fantasy. Phantom wealth cannot possibly fund unprecedented retirement & healthcare promises. Only real wealth can do that; central bank liquidity & asset bubbles it inflates are not real wealth.

US Government Backing for Toxic Mortgage Securities?

The stated goal of the Johnson-Crapo bill is to “overhaul” mortgage giants Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac so that “private capital can play the central role in home finance.” The real objective is to hand over the profit-generating mechanism to the private banks while the red ink is passed on to the public.

Preparing for Obama’s 2015 Budget with a Chart and a Toy

When President Obama rolls out his proposed budget, you’ll hear boasts about improvements in the deficit since the depths of the Great Recession. You’ll also hear claims that those improvements are easily sustained; that a much talked about “grand bargain” on long-term debt reduction can wait.

The Next Big Bank to Fail Will Get Liquidated into… Another Big Bank

The “SPOE” single point of entry by FDIC for handling a big bank liquidation will result in another crappy big bank coming out the other end. We have a bankruptcy code. Banks should be allowed to fail and should never get so big that it makes the world come to a standstill if they blow themselves up.

Government Shutdowns, The Debt Ceiling And Gold

Longer term investors buy gold because they must expect that government debt and monetary inflation will indeed continue on the path they have been on for quite some time now and that the date with destiny is very likely unavoidable.

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