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Forget Guts: Here Are Your 11 Stock Market Rules

Listening to your heart (instead of your mind) is a great way to lose money & even confidence in your trading abilities. Why is it so important to have market trading rules? Your market rules will keep you from following your guts down the wrong path & maintain your sanity. Your market rules will lead you to consistent profits.

Gold And Silver – Be Prepared For A Weekend Surprise

Charts depicting countries purchasing gold, graphs showing depletion of COMEX, LBMA, GLD, are well done & nice to look at, but none address why the price of gold and silver are at relatively low levels. Gold, more so than silver, has been purposefully suppressed to keep the petrodollar propped up.

Day Trading With Pivot Points, Tick and Vwap

Day trading originated with floor traders & there are a lot of ways to day trade. Swing traders are familiar with support & resistance lines drawn from prior lows and highs on a chart. We can do everything with just three tools: pivot points, tick and vwap. We will briefly explain each of these here.

A Free Market Approach To Insider Trading

Insider Trading occurs when an individual privy to private information (the insider) attempts to profit on the buying and selling of stocks using non-public information to anticipate the stock’s future price. Those who see abuse in this may advocate for legal controls on such activities.

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