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The Dollar Value Could Suffer Instant Change

“If I don’t need these dollars and I don’t settle oil in dollars, it’s not the supreme currency. I need to get out of it.” If that mindset takes hold widespread, you could see the dollar dive in value against other currencies virtually overnight & a huge rush into gold & silver like never seen before.

17 Questions On Gold, Currency And Economy - Any Answers?

It is past time to realize that a debt based financial system is largely detrimental to most of the people outside the political & financial elite. A reset seems both imminent & inevitable. Convert paper & digital dollars to gold and silver and store them in a safe depository outside the banking system.

The Parameters Of The Coming Dollar Collapse

Central banks around the world are increasingly diversifying their currency reserves away from the U.S. dollar – With China outspokenly concerned at the future of the status of the U.S. dollar, we suspect this will only become more ‘diversified’.

Current Situation in U.S. Dollar and Non-USD Gold Price

Taking into account the short-term action in the dollar and the True Seasonal patterns’ short-term implications for the US Dollar Index, the short-term outlook for precious metals may not be as bearish as one might view it based on the medium-term trend.

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