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All You Need To Know About The US Economy: True Unemployment Is Over 12%

How can an economy that is growing so slowly produce such big declines in unemployment? Something about the U.S. economy isn’t adding up. Either the unemployment data or the GDP calculation is very much wrong. Last week’s failure by the Fed to hike rates is a direct confirmation that nothing with the US economy is as strong as the 5.1% unemployment rate suggests.

Unemployment Data And Other Economic Lies The Government Is Telling You

Census employees have been manipulating U.S. employment numbers. It is being alleged that this manipulation was a significant reason for why the official unemployment rate dipped sharply just before the last presidential election- What you are about to read is incredibly disturbing.

Don’t Get Burned By This Fed Taper Lie

San Francisco Fed President, John Williams- “If data continues to progress as seen, then I do agree that we should Taper our purchases later this year.”
The only problem? I’m convinced the data isn’t going to cooperate. Here’s why…

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