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Cracks Forming in Stock Markets Suggest of Looming High Powered Volatility

Cracks are forming in an equity bull market that’s been devoid of major price swings for months – and you might miss them if you don’t know where to look. Don’t be lulled to sleep by near-record low stock market price swings. Before you know it, shares will be getting whipsawed around, just like the good ol’ days. At least that’s what official measures of volatility are suggesting.

Why An End To Dark Pools Would Be A Clear Nightmare For The Fed

Dark pools or ATS represent only a part of off-exchange trading & reporting has started only recently in May 2014, but account for around 39% of off-exchange trading activity & 15% of all equity trading volumes. Simply put – the end of dark pools would be the end of the complacent benign risk markets that the Fed enjoys control over.

Janet Yellen Is Wrong About Inflation

If consumer prices are rising faster than the authorities say, it means two important things: First, real GDP is not growing. Real GDP growth is adjusted for inflation. More inflation, less real growth. Second, the real cost of borrowing is much lower than we think. If inflation is higher, the real interest rate is lower.

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