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The Volcker Rule and You: What’s Your Bank Doing with Your Money?

Its true that the Volcker Rule wouldn’t have prevented the financial crisis. So is your money safer in the bank with the Volcker Rule than without? There’s no concrete answer, but given that the loopholes are big enough to drive Jamie Dimon’s private jet through, I would say no.

What the drop dead date for the Volcker Rule might mean for Gold

Big trading banks traditionally have occupied the short side of the paper gold market. The Volcker Rule which limits banks’ speculative investments (including gold) goes into effect April 1, 2014. There has already been quite a bit of adjustment to bank portfolios & will get interesting as we move ahead.

Volcker Rule Impacts Gold And Silver Proprietary Trading By Major Banks

It’s well known that gold and silver prices have been manipulated by large banks who specialize in high frequency trading – If regulators strike the right balance in imposing the Volcker Rule that limits bank proprietary trading, Gold And Silver markets could see greater transparency.

Fed Unveils "Self-Regulated" Volcker Rule

Federal Reserve extends Volcker Rule compliance period to July 2015 from July 2014 – Volcker Rule bans banks from owning and sponsoring “covered” hedge funds and private equity funds – Regulators.

Banks Warn Fed They May Have To Start Charging Depositors

Should the Fed cut IOER to offset the tapering pain, banks will crush depositors by cutting rates, depositors will pull their money from banks en masse, and banks will have no choice but to close on a record levered $2.2 trillion in margined risk position.

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