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Own Physical Gold, Not ETFs on Account of Looming "Wealth Tax"

We’re getting to the point where people are going to be able to see the picture & at that point gold is the answer. It’s not just an asset anymore it’s the answer to a lot of questions. When that happens, the most important stage of this completes itself & that is the resolution between the paper price & the physical asset. Then people wiuld want to own gold, ETF’s won’t suffice anymore.

Gold and Silver Can Protect You from the Coming Bank Account Tax

Deutsche Bank thinks central bankers should go directly after people’s savings accounts. In other words, it’s lobbying for a wealth tax—or “bank account tax”—that would be a more radical version of negative rates. A bank account tax would promote more reckless borrowing and spending than we’re seeing already. When people realize it, they’ll pile into gold and silver.

More Leading Economists Call For Capital Controls

Historically, capital controls have been used in ‘desperate times’ – Too much of debt, deficit spending, trade deficit or wars. The simple idea behind capital controls: Create barriers to restrict the free flow of capital. And if you’re on the receiving end, capital controls can be enormously destructive.

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