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Paul Singer

If the economy does not light up, the impact of another year of full-bore QE is impossible to predict. Five years and $4 trillion have created economic and moral distortions but very little sustainable value. Maybe the sixth year will produce the “riot point.” Nobody knows, including the Fed.

Is America Being Deliberately Pushed Toward Civil War?

If a civil conflict has been war gamed by the establishment, you can bet they have contingency plans regardless of which side attains the upper hand – Who wins in a new American civil war? If blinded by the trespasses of a certain White House jester, only the globalists will win.

A Debt Limit Deal May Be Delayed Until The Weekend

The House and Senate now have competing debt limit increases, which both extend the debt limit to February 2014 and reopen the government through January 2014, but differ on details – The differences could delay enactment past October 17.

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