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Gold Is on Fire - Here's When & How to Trade or Buy Gold

Gold futures closed Thursday at 1,219.4, up 5.9% year to date and 8.5% above the post-election low of 1,124.3, set on Dec. 15. The price of gold has traded up and down since the election. Comex gold has been less volatile than gold mining stocks and the gold stock exchange-traded fund. Here’s how to trade gold stocks using weekly charts and key trading levels.

Why the Rush into Canadian Gold Mines May Continue

In the last bull market, many big mining companies went after gold mines in higher-risk jurisdictions around the world. Today, investors are retrenching towards areas that are perceived as ‘safe’. Investor preference for safe jurisdiction, coupled with a weak Canadian dollar, make Canadian mining assets especially appealing.

How to Position Your Portfolio for the Coming Gold Upturn

Although many things could change, macro signs are pointing to a turn in the gold market. Even though the U.S. dollar is still the strongest and most reliable currency in the world, more and more countries seem to be shifting away from the dollar, which would definitely strengthen demand for gold.

Interview: CEO of Goldcorp - World's Largest Gold Miner, "Chuck Jeannes"

Goldcorp recently faced off against Yamana Gold & Agnico Eagle to take over Osisko. It looks like Yamana & Agnico Eagle have taken the prize with a larger bid. Are big miners changing their strategy to take over producing mining companies instead of raw deposits? Are they becoming purely mine operators instead of mine builders?

Have Gold Miners Turned the Corner?

As majors become healthier, merger & acquisition activity also increases. For investors in the sector, recent acquisition activity could be a sign that major gold mining firms are loosening up capital for development, which should benefit the entire sector, especially small exploration firms. How should you invest?

The Battle for Osisko Mining: A Good Sign for the Gold Mining Sector?

When the mining sector is growing, companies become more aggressive, expand their production by acquiring new mines and deposits, signaling the start of a rebound from a bear market. We are seeing signs that majors are on the search for mergers and acquisitions once again.

The Gold Market’s Big First Quarter Surprise

The first quarter of the year has certainly provided surprises for the gold market, but remember that every coin has two sides. Every downward data point has an upside opportunity. Follow the smart money, stay diversified & remain a curious investor as investing is key to long-term wealth creation.

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